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Don't Let The Facts Get In The Way

>> Tuesday, September 04, 2007

So, how many of you remember the Kum & Go saga from a month and a half ago? Yeah, it had pretty much left my thoughts, too. So you can imagine my surprise today when this comment showed up on the second post (of four):

I just happened to come upon your blog and read about your issue with the Kum N
Go problem. I am very good friends with the woman who sent you the e-mail that
attempted to explain the issue and I am very sad to learn that you are so
incredibly perfect that you can't offer a bit of understanding that mistakes do
happen. This was something that shouldn't have happned, but it did. And I wish
you had a little compassion for the woman who is my friend who found herself at
the center of this, although it isn't completely her responsibility. I'm just so
glad to know that there are such incredibly perfect people like you out there
how just don't make mistakes. We're lucky to have you in this world. So take
your gas station business elsewhere and let them enjoy your talents.

You can imagine that this comment hit me just a bit wrong. So I did a bit of research- unlike the commenter. (A little props for Stat Counter. I love that I can see how people come upon the blog!) Here's what I found out:
  • You did not just "come across" my blog. You Googled your friend's name. Three times. Creepy. People who do that are stalkers.
  • I never had any contact with your friend. She actually sent an email to another person who then copied it in my comments section.
  • Never did I attack your friend the way you attacked me.

Did I mention I also sent an email to your friend at work? Yep, I forwarded your comment to her the only way I could- through the corporate communications email. I thought she should know just what kind of friends she has.

So, Anonymous, I hope you have a great day. I hope your little outburst made you feel better. And I hope that you can get your facts straight someday. Because maybe when you do you won't have to hide behind an "Anonymous" label.


Fantastagirl 6:55 PM  

Yeah for Stat Counter - and I hope you included the IP address - I'm sure Corporate will be happy to know who this person is.


Good for you.

Mrs. Nut 12:58 PM  

I agree... "Ejaculate & Evacuate" should be apologizing to you up and down, especially since you were one of the first to bring it to their attention. Good luck with this one!

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