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>> Thursday, September 13, 2007

For my last birthday I asked for a new digital camera. The one we had (and still have- it’s now Doug’s) was too bulky to carry easily in my diaper bag or purse. With the girls doing adorable things all the time I wanted a camera that I could tote everywhere.

Now I have a lovely pocket-size camera that takes wonderful photos. And has some great extra features. Like the video option. Check out our white trash water slide:

My camera goes everywhere I do- because you just never know when you'll need it. I've taken photos of presidential candidates and pigs, food and fun.

I'm considering digital picture frames as holiday gifts this year. It would certainly save on printing costs considering all the pictures I take. Besides, it seems like the perfect geek gift.


sue 12:31 PM  

My son and his new bride gave me one of those frames for a 'thank you' gift after the wedding and they are really nifty! I just keep playing with it trying to figure out what I want to display and how and it really is a nice compliment to the digital cameras.

Doug Halsted 9:08 PM  

It was a 140 feet of wet, sliding fun. As you can see, we could have used more....

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