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Just Another Day

>> Wednesday, September 12, 2007

OK, honestly, will I ever get caught up? I feel like I am running about 6 paces behind. My "to do" list keeps getting longer as I realize there is more and more that I need to do.

Somehow I forgot that Caelan's birthday party is Saturday. I need to get the stuff to make her cake. I need, desperately, to clean my house. In fact, I should be doing something other than sitting here writing while my banana-chocolat chip muffins are baking.

For those of you who are wondering, my dad is improving every day. He was able to walk to his physical therapy appointment today and says his pain is "only" an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. Last night he had a CAT scan but I haven't heard any results. He may need surgery to repair a bleeding adrenal gland and, possibly, his spine.

Pfffftttt..... I'm so scattered. And my muffins are done.


An Iowa Mom 3:23 PM  

Thanks for the update on your father. I was wondering. :)

As for the rapidly growing TO DO List ... Oh yea ... I'm right here with ya. I found myself writing "Do TO DO LIST" on my TO DO List.

I am managing to make some progress this week ... maybe that has something to do with the fact I'm out of beer.


Good luck working through yours and enjoy a muffin for me. ;)

sue 12:29 PM  

Thanks for updating on your dad.

The list? Yeah... when my list runs out I'll be dead, 'cause I just keep adding on and some things just come back around over and over... you know, like laundry and cleaning and... you get the idea.

Have a good party and don't stress too badly getting ready for it.

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