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This is What You Get at 4:39am

>> Saturday, September 22, 2007

First off, I would like to thank Wells Fargo for this yummy cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera that I am enjoying at 4:39am. Doug has been in big (read: top secret; he could tell me but then I'd have to pretend to understand) meetings this week and I guess there were an over-abundance of bagles remaining yesterday. So, thanks to "the Farg" for something to snack on whilst I try to become tired again.

Yeah, I know it's an obscene time to be awake. I tried not to. I had a very strange dream that my sister, two SILs and I were in a house and the owner came home. I guess we shouldn't have been there... Anyway, that woke me around 3am and, though I spent the next half hour trying to get comfy and go back to sleep, I finally got out of bed to keep from bothering Doug too much. He needs his rest; I've volunteered him to help some friends move today and I am letting him out of his shackles tonight to go out with my brothers. (What? You think I let him out with people I don't know?) I understand that it is Oktoberfest at a local German restaurant downtown. Mmmmm....


I got two pieces of mail today that were unexpected.

First was a package. I thought it might be a birthday gift for Caelan from Doug's mom. Instead it was for me... From E's mom. She sent me E's Lenore doll. I referred often to E as my "creepy little girl". The box also held two of E's stuffed lions for the girls. I am very touched that E spoke to her mom enough about me for her to know that and that she would think to send those to me.

The second piece of mail was *somewhat* expected until I opened it. It was a large envelope from the Giuliani campaign. That, of itself, wasn't too odd. The fact that it was addressed to me kind of was. I opened it to find a stack of articles that his Field Rep thought might interest me. There was also a note:

Jody- I read the artice in the paper and wondered if you had looked at
Rudy. I am including some articles that may be of interest to you.
Also, great name for your daughter; it is not often you hear of others with that

All the best-
Brenna W*****

Hmmm... an article, you say? The only article I could figure it to be was from the AP interview at the Fred Thompson event a few weeks ago. So I did what anyone would do... I googled myself. And here is what I found:

From The Tennessean: Jody (last name removed), 36, of (city), Iowa, has not yet decided whom she will support, but attended the Thompson speech with daughters Caelan, 1, and Brenna, 2, because she thinks Thompson may have the best chance among the GOP candidates of winning the general election.

"I hope what I see today shows he can lead and not just act like a leader," (I) said.

On Fred's Website : "Jody (last name removed), 36, of (city), Iowa [said]...she thinks Thompson may have the best chance among the GOP candidates of winning the general election." (Bill Theobald, Tennessean, 9/7/06)

And the AP article from US News & World Report (and lots of other papers): Just after Labor Day, Jody (last name removed), 36, of (city), toted her two daughters - 1-year-old Caelan and 2 1/2-year-old Brenna - to see Thompson's first event as a full-fledged candidate. She had seen all the other Republican candidates in person but remained uncommitted, saying she was looking for a conservative who could win in November.

After listening to Thompson, she said, "he's probably my top candidate" and then added: "right now" as she, like so many others, reserved the right to change her mind.

OK, I like that I am quoted pretty much verbatim. I'm a little bothered that the guy from the Tennessean did not actually interview me but, instead, listened to my interview with the AP. Ah, well, it got me on Fred's website...


5:13 am Maybe I should try to sleep before Caelan decides to wake for the morning.


Fantastagirl 7:32 AM  

Very nice of E's mom to think of you and send those items!

Wow since you're famous and everything now - can I have your autograph? Just Kidding - I'm glad they got the quote right.

sue 11:06 AM  

That doll is the coolest!

Is this your 15 minutes? :)

aka_Meritt 4:53 AM  

I think it's so odd that we 'google' ourselves now. LOL. And I'm not sure that I like the guy in Tennessee quoting you as if he interviewed you - but like you said, at least he got it right! LOL.

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