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Looking Good

>> Sunday, September 09, 2007

Just a quick update before I head up to catch up on my sleep. My dad has been moved out of ICU and into the neurology wing of the hospital. He has an MRI scheduled for tomorrow and we will see what is next.

He was in very good spirits this evening and complaining about the hospital food. You would think that, having not eaten since Thursday, he would just be glad to have food. I'll smuggle something in tomorrow.

Well, I'm off to catch up on my sleep.


Tamara B 8:34 AM  

Praise God!

Hospital food is no good. When Bethany was born, i got to order off a menu while in the hospital. It was amazing!

I'm praying that the forward progress continues!

lila 8:35 AM  

Good news Indeed Jody! Praise God--I am very happy for you!

ptg 12:29 PM  

What an ordeal. May the progress continue.

Fantastagirl 2:56 PM  

So glad that he is progressing well - and complaining about hospital food is always a good sign

Anonymous 7:25 PM  

I have not commented lately, but you and your family have been in my prayers.

Anonymous 7:55 PM  

He's very tired tonight, and his voice is very hoarse. He's not sleeping well, but he feels that sleep aids make the stuation worse. He still seems in good spirits, but he's in a lot of pain. Particularly in his back.

Still great news when looking back to Thursday. Just wishing the pain would begin to subside.

Anonymous 2:42 PM  

Glad to "hear" things are looking up for him...

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