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>> Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's embarassing just how far behind I am on my scrapbooking. I have a plan in place to catch up... One page per day. HA! Like that happens.

I was working on it in the evenings but, quite honestly, I am so exhausted by the time 8 pm rolls around that I can't even think of a layout for pages, let alone a cute title.

So then I decided to do a page during Caelan's afternoon nap and Brenna's quiet time. Until Brenna decided that she didn't want to spend quiet time in her room and I spent the entire time transporting her up and down the stairs.

So then it was decided that she could rest and watch a movie in my room. Which then led to her watching a movie in the basement. Which is right next to the office. Which led to "Mommy I neeeeed you" and "Mommy,I want to work with you".

Which is not working. So tomorrow we go back to quiet time in the bedroom. I am honestly beginning to second guess my parenting skills- or lack there of. I just need an hour of solitude! Aaagghhhh!

Oops, got carried away there...

I was actually trying to lead up to this:

Isn't he cute? I made him with my Wishblade from a dingbat font. I'm pretty proud of him...

But now you can see how far behind I am. I have a scrapping night planned for this weekend. Hopefully I can get done through the end of May...

Speaking of scrapping, have you seen the way cute album I am giving away this month? Just a few days left to comment and win!


Fantastagirl 11:12 PM  

He is awesome! Best of luck with the quiet time. We usually trick Tink with - we just want you to sit on your bed, we don't want you to fall asleep - 5 minutes later - she is sleeping...but Brenna seems to have more determination than Tink.

Tamara B 10:33 AM  

when Scott doesn't like to stay in his room for nap time, we find the baby gate and put it up. It deters him from even getting out of bed because he knows he's stuck in his room. Just a thought

Jody 10:54 AM  

Brenna was climbing over baby gates at 16 months. The one we have installed at the top of the basement stairs doesn't even stop her!

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