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I Just Can't Be Content

>> Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My sister-in-law thinks it's funny when I tell her that I want to add on to our house. And, to be quite honest, I find it funny, as well. It's not that we need more room, I just really want an area that isn't indoors, but isn't really outdoors.

Conservatories fit that description perfectly. Lots of sunlight, no bugs. I picture it near the stream, bright with flowers, a few lounges and low tables.... Ahhh, tranquility.

Anglian has been the leader in quality home improvements for 36 years. Their service-based approach results in their being the most recommended home improvements company in the UK. Their reputation is stellar.

Which means that when we buy our retirement cottage in the British Isles I know exactly who to call for all my home improvement needs- from windows to kitchen remodeling. I'll just file this info under my "future" files.

But if you're one of my UK readers- and I know you're out there- be sure to check them out.


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