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>> Tuesday, September 04, 2007

September marks the beginning of birthdays and holidays here at Casa Geek. Caelan turns one in just a couple of weeks. Yes, I know, it doesn't quite seem possible. Even more impossible is the fact that Brenna will be 3 just five weeks later. Toss in Doug's birthday, my birthday, the birthdays of my grandfather, Doug's mom, two nephews a SIL, a BIL and my mom... Our anniversary falls in the middle of this mess... Not to mention Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas... Oh, and the birth of a niece right around the new year- add baby shower to the list.

Yes, the final third of the year is busy and expensive. So, of course, I use coupon codes as much as possible.

Let's see... For Caelan and Brenna I need to get stuff for three birthday parties. Oriental Trading Company can provide stuff for goodie bags... And Halloween goodies... Stocking stuffers...

Doug and I usually like to combine our birthday/anniversary/Christmas gifts and travel. Travelocity has some nice deals right now. Like the London airfare. Sweet.

And gifts. Can't forget gifts. eToys always has great deals and their customer service has been great every time I've used them.

And, finally, BabyAge for the shower gifts.

Must save money. I also need new clothes. Hmmm, I wonder what they have for coupon codes on clothes... Shoes... Bags...


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