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Diet... No. Cheat on Diet... Yes!

>> Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I went shopping yesterday. It sucked. Because I was shopping for me. Between my bQQbs and my very un-toned abs I hate, hate, hate trying on clothes.

Now, granted, there isn't much I can do about the bQQbs.
Even if I got down to my goal weight they would still be here. They just don't shrink much whatever my weight.

But my belly... well, exercise would definately help. But so would a (ACK!!!) diet.

I hate diets probably more than I hate shopping. I dislike feeling hungry and I dislike most "allowed" foods. I wish I liked fruits and veggies more than I do. And I try. But something always throws me off.

So I am pretty amped to see the Cheat to Lose Diet. According to the website you get to work your favorites into your weekly menu. Pizza, burgers, ice cream... even birthday parties!

You get a meal planner, recipes, a fitness plan, a motivating online community and so much more.

The creator of this is the winner of the 2001 Body For Life challenge so he's been there. I figure he might know a thing or two about losing weight and keeping it off. So I'm gonna give this Cheat to Lose Diet thing a try. I really need to drop 30 pounds.

Gack! That's a whole toddler worth of weight!


sue 12:27 PM  

Ooo... keep us informed! Oh, and how the heck do you keep your bqqbs? Geez... that's the FIRST thing to go on me when I lose weight!

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