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How Do I Do It?

>> Monday, September 17, 2007

Yesterday I threw out my back while changing a diaper. No, I have no idea how, I just know that before I changed the diaper I was fine and after I couldn't move.

So I spent yesterday flat on my back in bed. I had so much I wanted to do- and lots of pictures from Caelan's birthday party to share. But that has to wait as my list of things to do today is long and I am moving very s l o w l y. And painfully.

Added to my to-do list for Wednesday: check out a local gym. I know this is happening because my core is weak. And if that's not the reason working out certainly won't hurt.


sue 10:37 AM  

As someone with a chronic bad back I can relate... sometimes it is something SO simple and you can't even remember what you did!

Hope it gets better soon...

Bubbi 4:14 AM  

Generally when one speaks of their back being "out", it is caused by the sacroiliac joint--the point where the pelvis meets.

I have the problem and it hurts -well--A LOT.
After being ignored by Docs I found a PT gal who knew exactly what it was and how to treat it--a simple exercise that "pops" the joint back in place has been a life saver.

If this is the area your refering to I will try to send you the instructions--this too will do no harm even if it isnt that joint.

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