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Miss Photogenic

>> Sunday, September 30, 2007

Since I spent Caelan's birthday flat on my back in bed I had to reschedule her photos. We finally had them taken on Thursday and she modeled unashamedly for the camera.

We call this one"Let Me Think"
And this one is "I'm Cute and I Know It"
"C" is for Caelan
"Gathering Pumpkins"
"Pretending to Be Shy"


Tamara B 10:04 AM  

She is so stinkin' cute!!!!!

cchuff 5:59 PM  

She is my sweetheart - right along with Carter, Ethan, Koen and Brenna. I have such beautiful kids and grandkids!

Fantastagirl 10:08 PM  

She is beautiful... very cute!

Colleen @AMadisonMom 11:17 PM  

Just clicked over from Top Momma...

She is just adorable!!! Great photos!

Jennifer 8:15 AM  

Way too cute!

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