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Trust The Locals

>> Monday, September 17, 2007

One of my favorite aspects of travel is trying to blend in with the locals. Although being "tourist-y" is a must for much of what I want to see and do I love feeling like I "blend".

On my first trip to Ireland I had another American ask me for directions. She and her husband assumed I was a local because I "didn't look American". Ummm, ok... When Doug & I were in London we also had people ask us for directions. But, honestly, even Londoners carry the mini AtoZ map... You have to unless you know exactly where you are going.

We always make sure to ask people that we meet or our B&B hosts where the best food, entertainment or not-to-be-missed things are.

Now I have another way to get local input. Let's say that Doug and I are heading to London for a quick getaway (It could happen- the prices are really great right now) and I want some references on London restaurants. I just go to TrustedPlaces.com, enter what I am looking for (restaurants) and where (London) and I have a list complete with reviews. Of course London is full of restaurants so I can break it down by category (let's say English) and I'm left with a reasonable 74 listings to peruse. Pub grub, anyone?


Doug Halsted 9:04 PM  

I think the funniest moment was when we were in the 'burbs of Dublin. I had Brenna in the backpack/stroller and we were walking to the train station when other tourists stopped us. I think we actually knew the answer that time.....

sue 9:57 AM  

See? Now I never leave Iowa so I don't have to worry about blending in with the locals... well, except the college students. I don't blend well with them. ;)

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