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Remember Ramona?

>> Saturday, September 15, 2007

In a story that will make most Iowans titter with glee Ramona Cunningham, the former chief of CIETC, is now a housekeeping supervisor in Louisana.

In all honesty Ramona should have been a success story. She never graduated from high school but did achieve her GED. She became the chief exectuive of the Iowa job training agency which should have given an "if I can do this so can you" example to everyone.

Instead CIETC became overrun with scandal involving exhorbant pay for some, family members of the board being hired, romantic involvement between Ms. Cunningham and a board member and massive fraud. What a mess.

So Ramona has gone from a $360K job to what is probably no more than $12 per hour. Well, it looks like she kept the guy...


sue 5:07 PM  

I can't think of a woman who deserves it more... evil bitch. (Sorry, couldn't stop myself.)

deputyswife 5:13 PM  


She is living in a 1971 mobile home. In the south...


green3 8:54 PM  

I read about that today. I think the 1971 mobile home is the best part...

Anonymous 12:29 PM  

I have never seen such stupid people grow up and by the why that 1971 mobile home you all think is funny you should see the inside WOW.

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