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Watch Your Step

>> Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Know what starts tomorrow? The Iowa State Fair. Love it or hate it it’s one of the best things to do in Iowa. I have to admit that one of my favorite things to do at the fair is to watch the people walk through the animal barns wearing flip flops or heels.

Before you tell me that there is no way people are stupid enough to walk through barns filled with animal excrement wearing shoes that don’t protect their feet let me tell you that there are plenty. The best part, of course, is seeing their faces when they realize they have stepped square in a cow pie. It really makes the whole trip worth it.

So, for all you people heading out to the fair (be it Iowa or anywhere else) cover your feet. If you need suitable footwear check out Cavender’s Boot City and their selections of Ariat boots. With dozens of styles, great prices and quick shipping it’ll be the fairest (ha! Pun!) move you make.


Melody 5:53 PM  

I am trying to decide if I might be crazy enough to lug my children to the fair in the morning for the corn dog eating record. Because I my mind I would most definitely have to be crazy to do that. :)

Oh, and the first Friday night of the fair is also exciting for the people watching.

The Fritz Facts 7:30 AM  

I love our fair...only two weeks to go! I love people watching. The things you see...

I always make my kids wear tennis shoes at the fair, that being one of the reasons. So gross. I never wear sandels either, you never know...

Tamara B 2:23 PM  

You crack me up. Where in the world did you think of Ariat's??? I so don't picture you in those. I had to check out the link and browse the lady boots. There was a day when I wore wranglers and boots every single day! Yes, those days are gone and days like today make me wish I still wore them. In fact, I have a pair in the milk box on my front porch and I've been tempted several times to wear them again. Hmm, that would be funny. I'd wear the wranglers if they weren't so high waisted -- I can't seem to suck my gut in enough to get them buttoned anymore :)

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