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A "Toy" for Your Inner Organizer

>> Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I bought school supplies today. Of course they aren’t the basic back-to-school supplies. Since the girls are in pre-school their lists included a package of assorted pom-poms, a package of pipe cleaners, lots of glue sticks, crayons, washable markers, washable water paints and colored pencils. Of course I went looking for deals on everything. Well, everything except their “take home folders”. I let the girls pick out what they wanted. Brenna spotted Tinkerbell and Caelan followed suit.

Almost everything they need goes into a “community pool” of supplies, which is fine. But there are a few things they take that will be theirs- namely their backpacks, show and tell items, a change of clothes and coats when it gets colder. Last year Brenna walked outside in the wrong coat or without her show and tell item a couple of times. This year I am considering getting a DYMO label maker. You know- to keep track of stuff that may not make it home. Bonus: they have special iron on tape – no sewing in tags.

Of course if I had such a “toy” I would use it in my office to keep my scrapbooking and travel File folders organized, to label file cabinets and to remind my family where to put things back when they are finished with them.

Oh, yes, the organizer in me would have some fun with a “toy” like that…


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