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Do You Whiten Your Teeth?

>> Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Does anyone remember the episode of Friends when Ross whitened his teeth for a date and they glowed in the black light? I cringed when I watched that because I had a friend who was a habitual teeth whitener. It was creepy. We worked in a bar with black lights and you could see her clear across the club.

She used those teeth whitening strips… I, on the other hand, just cannot. They slip, they taste bad and they make my gums sore. Then I tried the stuff you paint on at night… I got a sore throat from swallowing it. Luckily there are a wide variety of products made to whiten teeth… I just need to find one I like. HA! Easier said then done…

Someone mentioned to me that they found a product they really like at smilewarehouse.com. They do have a huge variety. Thirty teeth whiteners… Not to mention toothbrushes, toothpaste, rinses, oral irrigators… Even dental care for pets.

Yep, you can buy your teeth whitening supplies and dog plaque remover in one spot. They even have a product for dog bad breath and a special doggie toothbrush. Not that I ever brush my dog’s teeth…

Dozens of dental health products in one place…


Paula Reece 10:42 PM  

Ha ha--that's one of my favoritest Friends episodes! I think that's possibly why I've never tried any sort of whitening product. I just know I would turn out like Ross, and I'd have to keep my mouth shut all the time. And we know that's not possible.

Just a gluten free girl living in a Disney world 9:03 AM  

they have a whitening booster from arm and hammer you just use with your toothpaste for a subtle effect without using a tray or strips. you can find it at target and is under 4 dollars. it doesn't actually taste like anything and works without giving everyone your "ross" smile. now if we could work on the people that use self tanners mostly in the front since they are starting to look like ross when he spray tanned!

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