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Our Future Will Take Us Places- What About Yours?

>> Thursday, August 07, 2008

Last night our FPU class was about planning for retirement and paying for college for the kids. And while we still have a ways to go before we are ready to do either of those things the lesson was of great help.

Because of these classes my BillsIQ is quite high (88%): to get yours go to http://www.bills.com/iq/ and click the orange button in the lower right corner. The test is really straight forward and after you finish it walks you through your answers. Really, it’s a great tool to figure out where you stand financially.

Doug and I have great plans for our retirement. They involve selling our house when Caelan goes off to college, buying a huge mobile home, a smaller condo and maybe even a cottage in Ireland (if our investments do really well). We also plan to be able to pay for the girls’ college. (With conditions, of course. I’m working on a contract. I figure I have 16 years to perfect it.)

I know those plans seem absolutely huge and you’re thinking we’re rolling in it;but we’re really not. Right now we’re the average Americans- loads of debt and a middle class income. But with the changes we’ve made and the classes we’re taking one day all those plans will come true.

All you have to do is begin… Bills.com has a really nice Debt help information page. With a terms glossary and these three great tips:
• Know your options
• Establish a plan
• Start paying off your debt
You can begin to grow your future dreams just as big as ours.


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