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Do You Think of Me as a Cartier Wearing Woman?

>> Friday, August 29, 2008

I haven’t worn a watch in almost five years. Not since I left the work force and began staying at home in preparation for our first child. Why bother? I always have my cell phone with me so I can easily check the time if I need to. That said, I do find myself flicking my wrist and expecting to see a watch there. It’s an old habit.

There are times I would really like to have a nice watch. Wait, let me rephrase… There are times I would really like to have a nice watch. Which I probably deserve… after all, I didn’t get an engagement ring.

And while I know that Cartier watches are not in our budget right now (or for the next 5 years) I can’t help but look…

Even at 20% off ($4000!) this watch is way out of my league. On sale it’s still $15,500! Yikes! Maybe someday…

But until then The Watchery has more affordable options like Bulova (hmmm… I actually have a Bulova watch upstairs) and Citizen (there’s a really pretty one by Citizen called the Silhouette. My anniversary and birthday are coming up. Just an FYI to those who love me!) Probably both better options as the watch would spend more time in my jewelry case than on my wrist…


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