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Hi. My Name is Jody and I am Addicted to Scrapbooking

>> Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Now you're all supposed to say "Hi Jody" and tell me how brave I am to come forward like this.

I kind of knew I had a problem but I was able to convince myself that since I could get everything to fit in my wonderful tote (pictured below) that it was under control and I brushed my addiction under the rug.

Well, today, as I was printing pictures and packing up for this weekend's scrap mania I could not get everything to fit. It didn't matter what positions I tried or how I switched things around it just would not go. And I finally had to admit that my problem had finally broken it's barriers.

So I did what any scrapping addict would do. I called Archiver's (they're my dealer) and arranged a pickup. Tomorrow I take possession of "the trash can".

We call it "the trash can" because it honestly stands as tall as a big garbage can. Three feet tall, to be exact. And it holds a ton of stuff. Honestly, if I outgrow this my husband needs to lock me in the house until I use the multitudes of scrapping stuff I have.

You love it though, right? I can't wait to organize it. And,for those of you watching my budget, I've got some "fun money" saved... And a 30% off coupon.

Of course I have a wonderful tote that I now have no use for. It was, quite possibly, my favorite tote ever. It's a rolling tote by Scrap Paper Scissors in brown and pink. Isn't it pretty?

What I liked best about this tote was all the removeable see-through pockets and the removeble table top easel that held my cutter, pens and markers, scissors... Check out these features: * Rolling tote with telescopic handle * Large interior that includes the following: * One removable divider; * One removable tabletop easel which includes six pockets and horizontal scissors/pens loops. One clear pocket is sized to hold a paper trimmer * One large clear pocket on inside of flap * Two removable clear pockets * Two side zip compartments: * One side zip has accordion storage * One side zip has 3 removable clear pockets * Total dimensions: 15-inch x 9 ½ inch x 15½ inch” / 38 cm x 24.13 cm x 39.37 cm

It sounds like I'm trying to sell it, right? Well, I am. I don't need it anymore and it's such a wonderful tote. It's still in great condition (just one small stress hole where I put a pointy object in an outer pocket) and can be yours for the low price of only $15. (Local delivery only lol) If you're interested I can send you more pictures with lots of detail. Unless you've already seen it... Melody I know you're interested! Paula? Jenni?


Melody 9:44 PM  

Yes, I will take it. Have I mentioned that I love you yet?

Jody 9:56 PM  


Melody 10:07 PM  

Oh, by the way, Hi Jody! You are sooo brave coming forward like this. :)

~*~Jenni~*~ 6:50 AM  

LOL... See, this is the exact reason I don't GO anywhere to do my scrapbooking. Because I seriously don't own anything tp carry it all. I have it all nicely organized in my basement office, but no way to transport it. The one time I went somewhere with some friends, I literally put it all in cardboard boxes!

Although, unfortunately, I think I'm ready for the "trash can" size already. LOL I might have to go check that out.

Bubbi 7:04 AM  

Trash can--yup. My entire enclosed front porch with its nifty shelfs holds all of our art and craft materials.

It is my goal this weekend to re-organize the porch.
My problem is that I can not throw anything away. I have an entire shelf of everyday things that come my way and that I think maybe used in some project down the road with the kids.
(this on top of what I have purchased)

School is starting soon which means many school projects which I love to help the kids with. That should help reduce inventory. In the mean time--its time for the trash can.
PS--Jody how was your sisters trip? I keep waiting for the blog post :)

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