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How Long Can You Hold It?

>> Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Yesterday was a good day. We followed a schedule and, miraculously, there were fewer tantrums, more thngs got done and there was less stress. Ahhhh...

I got my planner... A tan leather lovely from the Her Point of View collection. It holds everything I need it to hold and it has a zippered part for change. Now I am in the process of customizing it to make it perfect. A few tabs and forms and my creation will be complete.


Caelan seems to be potty training herself. The last diaper change she had was about 11am Monday. I called my sister yesterday afternoon to get her opinion on whether or not I should be concerned that she hadn't urinated in almost 30 hours.

Yes, 30 hours.

And, yes, she had been taking in fluids (water, juice, milk) and wasn't sick (wh had gymnastics earlier and she was very active). We decided to not worry- yet.

Not long after that conversation took place Caelan sat on the potty (with potty dolly) and used the toilet! Yea Caelan!

And she hasn't wet a diaper since... Although Doug did tell me that she pee'd in the bathtub.


Melody 7:39 AM  

That is great. There is nothing better than not changing diapers. :)

AD is doing fairly well except this morning when I told him to go to the bathroom when he woke up. He went in he bathroom and pee'd on the floor.

~*~Jenni~*~ 9:41 AM  

Oh goodness-- I just looked through the Franklin planners, and I think I'm in love.

Wonder how mad hubby would be if I ditched the Palm and went back to the paper planner.

As much as I said I love my Palm, I am starting to miss an actual paper planner. Wahhhhh!

Marie 11:36 AM  

30 hours?! Wow. Nothing like that sound of pee in the potty!! Go Caelan! And cha-ching on the diaper money staying in your wallet!

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