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For Dan at the Kansas City Irish Fest

>> Saturday, August 02, 2008

The other day I got this great comment from Dan at Tir na Blog, the blog of the Kansas City Irish Fest.

Now you all know how much I love anything Irish and that I would dearly love to head to KC to take in their festivities... However, it's not in the budget. And the sooner I get out of debt the sooner I get to head back to the Emerald Isle...

But one concern of Dan's made me think he might actually be a bit worried for my girls: "You have to come! If you don't your kids might start listening to crappy music again!"

So, Dan, this is for you. If you really listen you can hear Brenna singing. And you must wait for the big finish, so be sure to watch it all.



Dan Regan 5:14 AM  

That's the cutest thing I've ever seen. What a couple princesses! I'm not at all sure we can have Irish Fest without them here. Thanks for sharing it, you made my day.


Bubbi 6:15 AM  

They are so cute but what really amazes me is how much they have grown!

Just seems like yesterday!!!!

Anonymous 7:58 AM  
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