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It's Gone... Completely Random Ramblings About My Day

>> Monday, August 11, 2008

I was up with the sun- actually a few minutes before it; why is summer disappearing so fast?- and took Toby for a walk. I have to admit that though I hate dragging my body out of bed there is nothing better for the rest of my day than me getting some exercise.

And I needed it because today I had to did:

  • take school forms to the doctor to be filled out
  • go by the bank for cash for our envelopes- I wonder what the tellers think every other week when I take out that wad of cash
  • go to the post office to mail pictures of the girls (that were taken almost a month ago) and get stamps
  • make a grocery list
  • actually go to the grocry store
  • wade through laundry (and still not be done)
  • write on the travel blog (some tips for camping)
  • muse a bit over at Iowa Moms
  • think of something for dinner
  • actually prepare dinner
  • attempt to care for children (we worked on numbers today)
  • clean upstairs rooms (girls room, spare bedroom & bathroom)

Surely you don't think that's all I did- I just hit the highlights for you!

On a completely different note...

I know there are women out there who absolutely love it when their husbands help around the house. "Nothing's sexier than a man with a vacuum".

Bah! Tonight I was attempting to change the sheets on the girls' beds and Doug was "helping". Except it really wasn't helpful. I have a system, a groove if you will, and he was throwing it off. I said to him,"This is my job. I don't go to your work and get in your way..."

I don't think he took me seriously, though, as he just kept "helping". Of course it wasn't done the way I do it so after he "finished" and left the room I had to fix it.

I have a way I like things done... As my girls get older they will learn how to do things my way. Doug, however, is too old and set in his own ways for me to train (old dogs, new tricks, you know). I may not be spotless but things get done... In my own time and in my own way.

Surely I'm not the only one who would rather her husband just "help" by keeping the kids out of the way?


Melody 9:59 PM  

I would definitely take the helping keep the kids out of the way over actual help around the house. Of course most days I don't get either one.

Jennifer 9:50 PM  

I don't make the beds.. Adam does and everytime I try and help, he just takes over and does it his way. Same goes with the laundry. He does thank me for "trying" to help though.

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