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Can This Day Just Be Over?

>> Monday, August 04, 2008

I'm not quite sure what I was thinking... I thought that since the garage sale craziness was over that things would be calm, go smoothly, be a bit more relaxed.

I'm not sure what kind of crazy pill I was taking but I may need more...

Today I was supposed to have two sets of windows replaced. The workers were set to arrive between 8 and 9 am. By 8am the girls had me on the ledge of sanity with a long jump to the bottom. Honestly, how do two cute little dumplings create such havoc? And why must they pick on eachother constantly? I'm still not really sure exactly how I kept from beating them.

And things only got better when the window guys arrived... And the measurements for the dining room window were off by 10". Neat. Obviously that one didn't get installed.

And the bedroom one almost didn't. Let me explain first that new windows were something of a necessity. See the rotting? Nice, huh? Yep, the windows in our 11 year old house are rotting.

Windows 013 Windows 016

Before I go any further let me tell you that if you had Pella windows put in your house in the late 90's and you are experiencing any problems CALL THEM NOW! I know your 10 year warranty is up BUT the sealant they were using at that time (due to government regulations- thankyouverymuch) has deteriorated and they are extending the warranties. You probably won't get free windows but they should give you a steep discount. Of course it took me half a dozen calls to get anyone to let me in on that information and I had already ordered new windows for the front of the house.

But back to the problem with the bedroom windows. You see, we have two tiers of windows and they are attached in the frame. Nice. And since the frame was one big piece there was a possibility that cutting it apart could cause a problem with the upper tier of windows. So the installers had to talk to the boss before they could do any work. He told them to go ahead so for a while I had a big hole in the side of my bedroom.

Windows 021

They actually got the window in pretty quickly but I could tell they knew I wasn't going to be satisified.
Windows 022


Yep- they don't match the dimensions of the top windows. Which is bothering me more every time I see it. I specifically asked that the dimensions match the top windows... And I was told that wouldn't be a problem.

I've spoken with someone at the window company (but not the owner or the salesman yet) who says they will re-order those windows as well. I'm pretty sure the minute the owner hears this great news he'll curse the day I ordered from them...


The Fritz Facts 8:01 PM  

He can curse all he wants...it's his own fault!

Melody 8:53 PM  

Oh, that would bother me too. I have this weird thing where I like things to match, I think is called being a woman. :)

I am glad they are going to fix it for you.

Paula Reece 6:23 AM  

Man, why is any sort of home improvement or repair NEVER as easy as promised? I don't think you're being too picky...you just keep bitching as much as you have to until they replace it! I can't believe they measured the one window wrong either. What the heck? I mean, it's not like they do that for a living or anything! Oh, wait, I guess they do...

Hang in there!!

Sincerely Iowa 8:07 AM  

Yes, things should match. You're not asking for the moon, you're asking for it to be done RIGHT. Sometimes people get confused by that. LOL

Anonymous 9:30 PM  

Wow. That looks horrible. I have experience talking with the state attorney general's office, and my neighbor works in the attorney general's office. Let me know if you need his info.

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