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Let There Be Light- When the Rest of the Block is Dark

>> Tuesday, August 26, 2008

All the weather forecasts have the same bleak outlook- a very long, very snowy and very cold winter will be hitting the Midwest. Probably early if our pleasantly chilly evenings are any indication. Overnight lows are dropping into the 40s and it’s still August!

For a while Doug has been weighing the options of diesel generators to power our home in case of power outages. We have, so far, been quite fortunate and have not lost power this year. Others we know have not been quite so fortunate. And, as our house is large and we can take in family in case of emergency, a diesel generator just seems like an intelligent option.

Now, I will readily admit that generators are really not on my radar. I just want my home to function in a storm. Especially since there are kids in it. Doug has shown me a kubota diesel generator that he says would do the job- and it really isn’t terribly expensive. It’s supposed to be “super silent” and can be housed indoors or outdoors. I just nod my head and make “uh-huh” noises every few minutes. It’s his decision. After all, it’s his job to keep his family safe and protected.

Yes, it’s very “retro” of me to say that, I know. I’m OK with that…


Jennifer 8:29 PM  

Since my grandparents are campers we have a generator. Hopefully we'll never need to actually use it for the house but it's good to have for just incase.. well that and for camping :)

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