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Look Smart for Less

>> Sunday, August 03, 2008

I don’t regularly listen to Clark Howard- mostly because he isn’t on any local radio stations at times I can listen to him. But I used to because this guy knows how to stretch money. Recently he and his staff tried the Zenni eyeglasses and were pleased with the results.

Because they manufacture their own frames (which are the most expensive part of glasses) their prices are much lower than you will pay at the optometrist. You can get single vision lenses, sunsensor lenses, tinted sunglasses lenses, even bifocal and progressive lenses. The ordering instructions are quite specific- as they should be if you want your order to be correct- so you’ll want to get as much information from your optometrist as you can.

I haven’t ordered yet because I still haven’t made it to the optometrist. It’s been over a year and I really need to go. But right now our HAS is in the process of being transferred and we haven’t put any money in it to pay for the visit so it must wait.

As with anything there are people who have great experiences and people who have lousy experiences. I guess I figure that I’m never 100% satisfied with glasses… Ever… So why be unsatisfied with $400 glasses when I can have the same level of satisfaction with $40 glasses.

I do have my frames picked out, though:

They look smart, yes? Smarter still because I will save some major cash on them.


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