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Cookin' Up a Successful Site

>> Tuesday, August 26, 2008

When I started my recipe blog it was as an accompaniment to my “main” blog - this blog. You see, I did a weekly recipe feature here and my blog was getting so busy that I created a “spin off”.

That was at the beginning of this year. As I was looking through the stats on my web pages the other day I saw that my humble little recipe site has by-passed Iowa Geek in daily readers.

I guess recipes are the way to go…

Because of that I’m really glad that I took care of my website hosting when I first began that site, instead of changing to a web host when the site got popular. When that happens the search engines "lose" you and your page hits drop significantly until they "find" you again.

If you're interested in taking your humble blog (no matter what it's about) to the next level you'll want to check out these tips for choosing a domain. You want something catchy and easy to remember. Run the name through your head... Type it out... See if it sticks with you. And once you find it, get it registered. And cook up your own successful site.


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