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>> Sunday, August 17, 2008

There are games that are always with us. BINGO is one of those. Who doesn’t remember hearing the letter/number combinations in school, hoping to hear yours called and waiting, breathlessly to yell,”BINGO!”?

I can recall playing BINGO as a child in grade school for holidays- Halloween, Easter, Christmas… If you won there was a special treat- a pencil, a hard holiday shaped eraser (that never really erased), some silly gadget that broke quickly… But, oh, how I wanted a prize.

Of course BINGO has advanced with the times and now there is DVD Disney Bingo. With cards and mouse ear tokens to cover the squares the DVD will call out numbers and colors - and play movie clips from all your kid’s Disney favorite characters.

It looks like great fun; check out this video:

I found this at both Amazon.com and Drugstore.com and available now. I can name a little girl who will be getting this for her birthday. What a great way to spend a cold, snowy Iowa evening.

The info page says “Ages 4 – Adult” but I bet that, with a little help, Caelan will happily play, too. She can name almost every Disney character- she just might need some help with the numbers…
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