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>> Saturday, August 02, 2008

If anyone wonders, yes, the garage sale was worth it. That was our "grand total". Everyone was very pleased with how the sale went and what sold.

And I will be able to pay off the washer & dryer this month! One more bill off our debt snowball! And early, too!

And the amount we were paying on it will now roll over to the next item (my elliptical machine). It is due to be paid off in December (before the interest kicks in) but with the snowball it will be finished in October. Or September if we get rid of some of the garage sale leftovers on Craig's List.

And then, with that rollover, we'll have a credit card gone in December.

And then, in the first 4 months of next year we will have another credit card AND the car payment gone!

How can you not be excited by that???


Fantastagirl 9:48 PM  

Its awesome when you can see the hard work pay off! Congrats!

Sally 3:50 AM  

Wow! That's great...glad it was so successful.

Marie 7:21 AM  

Congrats! That is awesome!

~*~Jenni~*~ 7:46 AM  

WOW! Congratulations on a great sale! And what a way to jump start your snowball!

The Fritz Facts 10:01 AM  

Congrats!! I love when things seem to work out just the right way. A great jump on your snowball!

Melody 1:12 PM  

That is great! I love it when we pay off debt and I love it when we own things free and clear.

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