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Fun at the farm

>> Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tuesday the girls and I headed south (as in southern Iowa) to visit my grandparent's farm. I always enjoy going because my grandparents are fun and interesting. (Although my grandfather knows way too much about meth labs. Quite a few down that way, it seems. Meth labs and Amish folks.) The girls like to go because there are usually a few calves that have been bottle fed and are curious. Curious enough to come see a couple girls I know...

Of course animals aren't the only fun things on the farm. Brenna and Caelan picked a nice bouquet of wildflowers (ok, weeds,but they were pretty weeds) for grandma's table and Brenna had a great time climbing a tree in the yard.
Of course she needed a boost to get started but once she was up there it was difficult for me to get her to come down. I try not to let me fear of her breaking her neck get in the way of her fun, but it's hard. I was relieved when she was done.

We had a great visit- so great that Brenna didn't want to leave. Hopefully we can go back soon.


The Fritz Facts 6:30 PM  

Tree climbing...my kids favorite thing to do, and my biggest fear. Hunter thinks it is funny to hang from branches...upside down. Drives me nuts.

pjmomof3boys 10:37 AM  

My kids love going to "the farm" too. Although my parents don't have cows anymore, there is still plenty of exploring to do and wide open space for them to run around and be crazy. Oh, and my dad's four-wheeler. I usually hold my breath until they safely return from those rides!

Country Gal 4:40 PM  

Sounds like fun! We live in southern Iowa also and have lots of Amish neighbors!

Loved your pictures from the State Fair! We were probably sitting right beside you at Bob the Builder yelling "Yes we can!"

Great memories!

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