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>> Thursday, August 21, 2008

I was over checking out what was up with my Minnesota Bloggy Friend and saw that she gave me an award. Now,I love getting awards as much as anyone else and this one is quite cute.

See? Cute, right? I've met Kellyn and she's as smart and funny in person as she is on her blog. If you haven't met her yet, go on over and introduce yourself. Although I am concerned that she only loves me because she won some goodies from me (which shipped yesterday- you'll have them by the weekend) and she's looking for brownie points in my newest scrap bribing giveaway.

Now, here's the delimma. I'm supposed to give this to seven other blogs that I adore. However I have more than seven that are my "I must read them daily (and often check in more than once)" blogs. And, looking at Kellyn's list I see that we run in the same circle. So, alas, my dear friends at Boogers and Burps and Three Boys and a Dog won't be getting this from me. Don't want them getting too spoiled. You know what they say... You can love a blogger too much and then they never move out and get a job...

Ahem... So seven blogs to present this to...

An Iowa Mom- for her heroic efforts to control 4 kids and get a major project (IowaMoms.com) off the ground

Green 3- because, without her, I wouldn't know Dave

Sally- who I hope to meet one day in Kansas City so we can discuss dream cars while we drink adult beverages and our husbands mind the kids

Fantastagirl- who sent me a State Fair ticket, thereby saving me $10

tuh-mar-uh- who really needs to come scrapping with me sometime

Boudicca- who I have been reading longer than any other blogger. And who keeps me coming back.

Jennifer- who gives me some insite to how our neighbors to the north live. That's Canada, not Minnesota...

So, there you have it... Lucky number 7. Pass it on.


Sally 7:11 PM  

Ah, thanks for the award! I'm looking forward to that day in KC!

The Fritz Facts 9:58 PM  

Brownie points...now why ever would I need those...lol

Fantastagirl 9:39 PM  

Thanks! I'll post tomorrow...life is a little upside down at the moment!

Bou 9:47 PM  

Honestly, I am still surprised every time I see a picture of your family and I think, "I remember when... the first one was born!" You know you've been reading someong a LONG time when you see these beautiful toddlers and preschoolers and you remember when it was just a married couple!

Jennifer 8:37 PM  

Oh wow..

as you can see it's taking me some time to catch up on your blog after my camping trip. haha

But wow thanks!!! you're the first to ever do this for me.. :) I'm touched.

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