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Only 17 Weeks

>> Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just a warning… Christmas is 17 weeks away. Yeah, I could say it is 119 days away, but that isn’t quite so scary now, is it?

Yes, I know it’s early. Yes, I know you are irritated that so many stores have up Halloween items before September even rolls around. But I am telling you this for your own good. Otherwise Christmas is going to sneak up on you and you will be wondering, “How did this happen? What happened to October? Did someone switch my calendar?”

I know a lot of you may like to wait for that big fat paper that comes on Thanksgiving Day full of all the “Black Friday” bargains. But what if I told you there was a way to get that thanksgiving flyer early? And that you could get those deals online with no fighting crowds, no standing in the cold, no annoying people…

Oh yeah, now you’re interested…

Because I prefer to do my shopping online and in one place if I can I’ll be checking for the best Amazon.com deals. Honestly, I do so much shopping there because they have practically everything. Of course I’ll also be checking ads from Best Buy and Target (two of my favorite stores).

Be sure to bookmark BlackFriday.biz and check it before you start making that list and checking it twice. And sign up for their email alerts so you don't miss anything.


pjmomof3boys 12:18 AM  

Will this be the year that I ACTUALLY get all my shopping done early like I say I'm going to do EVERY YEAR? Now that you've given me a kick in the pants, it just may be! I'll definitely go bookmark blackfriday.biz...You know how I love a bargain!

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