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Know Your Heart

>> Thursday, August 21, 2008

Doug’s family has a history of heart disease which, quite honestly, scares me. He’s healthy now and is showing no signs of problems. (Which reminds me- it’s time for his physical.) But his maternal grandmother has had at least one heart surgery and I'm pretty sure his grandfather did, too, so the fear of him suffering a Cardiac Arrest is always stalking around in the back of my mind.

If heart disease runs in your family (or your loved one’s) I want you to check out HeartLibrary.com. It’s an interactive library of video clips by real doctors talking in plain English about the heart, heart conditions and heart disease. It’s an easy website to navigate and really a great resource.


Jennifer 8:42 PM  

I don't have any history of heart disease in the family, but will check it out anyway... sounds interesting. Thanks!

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