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Random Bits to End the Day

>> Wednesday, August 06, 2008

No pee in the potty today. Only one wet diaper. And no poopie for a couple of days. Which is very unlike Caelan who is a regular little turd diaper filler. She was complaining about her tummy hurting which makes me think she is holding it all in. Which worries me because she is doing it to herself as we are not making an issue of using the potty.

I'm still behind on practically everything. I haven't written on my travel blog in over a week. I did, however, get a great comment in my guestbook:

Thanks for the hope that my travel can/will continue when the day comes that I
have kids...Claire and I are constantly going, somewhere. On a plane or in the
car, we are always traveling. We have been warned over and over that our
weekends away will have to stop when kids come, but your site gives me hope!
Thanks...I appreciate it!

Because I'm a geek (Doug must be affecting me more than I thought) and I wanted my permanent weekly schedule in my new planner I shrunk it to fit. For the Franklin Covey Compact planner that's about 60% of a regular 8 1/2 x 11 page.

What? You don't have a set weekly schedule? How do you know what needs to be done and keep from wasting time? Here's mine:

I know- the colors are nice, aren't they? Did you notice that food things are all the same color? Yep, I'm so on it! OK, so I don't do anything between the time the girls go to bed and when I go to bed... HA!

And finally a mother-in-law story. This is in honor of Jenni's contest to win "The Daughter-in-Law Rules". Personally I think this story should win me the book... But if you think you want it go over and sign up- just be sure to tell her you heard about it from me...

And now for my story (beginning with a little background)...

My little family is quite busy. We seem to like it that way and usually have plans made well in advance (which is the way I like it). So when people spring plans on us at the last minute we often have to decline. This can lead to problems with Doug's family as they don't seem to plan much more than a week or two in advance.

A couple weeks ago Doug's mom told us that she and her husband would be coming up in September; she wasn't sure when but she would call me during the following week to let me know. I asked her to please do so because I wanted to make sure we had them on our calendar so we wouldn't make plans we couldn't cancel. Pretty straight forward, yes?

So a couple weeks go by and I ask Doug to call his mom to find out when they are coming up. She says they are coming up in August because...

Wait for it...

Because I told them not to come in September.

Honestly, the woman only hears bits and pieces. And this isn't the first time... Doug will even back me up on that.

So now they are arriving on a day that I had made plans with my mother that cannot be cancelled.

So, you see, I really deserve that book. But, hey, if your story is better than mine please share it. Misery and company, you know.


~*~Jenni~*~ 9:20 AM  

I so totally have a confession to make... I went and bought a planner last night. Not a Franklin Covey one... I got a Day-Timer. I'm afraid to unwrap it and write in it though... I'm too worried I'll change my mind and want to go back to the Palm!

Tamara B 2:18 PM  

I loved this story when I read it in the comments. And the 2nd time around, it was just as good.

As for the planner, I've had a FC day planner. LOVED it. In the past few years I've been using my palm. Haven't added the FC software yet because I'm ticked about the whole thing. My work won't allow me to sinc my palm here. I wanted to put all my calendars into one but no, I still have to have a hard copy of a calendar at work, but I also use my outlook for the details, have a calendar at home but carry around my palm. Does that make sense at all. I've been debating recently about going back to the planner but don't like the idea of carrying it around.

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