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Will There Be Justice For Jetseta Gage?

>> Monday, June 04, 2007

I know that my Iowa readers will know the name Jetseta Gage. Her death over two years ago prompted major changes against those who commit sex crimes in Iowa.

Two brothers, both sex offenders, violated this poor girl. One killed her. He has been convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

The other brother may get away with his crimes because Jetseta is dead and cannot face her attacker in court. There is, however, a taped testimony that was made of Jetseta describing her molestation and the men who did it. I believe the tape was made at a hospital.

The terrible tragedy is that the Iowa Supreme Court may throw out this tape because the scumbag's attorney can't cross examine a video, or somesuch nonsense.

Next Monday, June 11 at 3:30pm there will be a "peaceful protest" outside the Iowa Supreme Court building, across from the state capital. If you are anywhere near Des Moines and can take the time I ask you to come down and show the Iowa Supreme Court that this video belongs in the trial.

Abusing a child, in any way, is vile. When an abused child dies it is tragedy. When the abusers aren't punished to the full extent of the law it is outrage.

I usually don't go to rallies but you can bet I will be at this one. Because if it were my daughter, niece, cousin, friend's daughter, friend-of-a-friend.... I would want justice. Join me?


Fantastagirl 6:48 PM  

The whole Jetseta Gage case is way to close to home....

She deserves so much more....

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