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And for my next trick...

>> Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm frugal. Well, actually, I'm pretty cheap. There are things I will spend money on like my clothes (since I'm not likely to outgrow them in 6 months), shoes (ditto) and necessary scrapbooking tools (the Wishblade is extremely versatile).

But when it comes to expensive toys for the girls... I just can't do it. Like those $300 Power Wheels? Just. No. Way.

But yesterday my BIL called and said his neighbor was giving one away. It was in pretty rough shape and needed a battery, but it ran fine with a battery in it. So we picked it up.

Yep, it's seen better days. But I'm thinking that if I pull the stickers off, give it a good wash, paint it and make new stickers with my Wishblade (HA! More uses!) I can have it funkified within a week.

Be sure to watch for updates!


Lissete 2:07 PM  

You can start your own show...
"Pimp my Power Wheels"!

I never did buy uber expensive toys when our girls were little either! Big waste!

cchuff 5:19 PM  

And Brenna won't care - she will just have fun. Most of the expensive toys are for parents who want to show the world they have money.

Anonymous 8:53 PM  

That nice slope in your yard should make for some exciting rides.

Marie 3:00 PM  

Cool! Our neighbors have one of those. Very cute. Especially when it's free!!

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