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Where Will Your Blog Be When The Lights Go Out?

>> Thursday, June 14, 2007

This blog has changed a lot since Doug started it back in the late summer of 2004. Brenna had yet to make her grand appearance, Caelan hadn’t even been thought about, my brother was just back from Iraq and Doug did most of the writing.

Flash forward to now. I have taken over the Iowa Geek-iness and it has morphed from Doug’s political thoughts and ideas to my mommy musings. And because I do record so many of the girl’s “firsts” and funny stories here I want to be sure that they can read them far into the future.

I found this free Online Backup site for blogs. The thing that I really appreciate is that after I set it up once it will do automatic backups. Because half the time I can’t remember to save my pictures. Or anything else.

And if your blog is really big, or if you have other stuff you want to backup, you can get unlimited space for $4.95/month. Which is really a bargain compared to what you could lose. Trust me, I know that for a fact.


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