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Is There Finally Hope?

>> Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I am a skin care junkie. There, I’ve admitted it. Supposedly that is half the battle.

HA! The battle lies in the fact that I have Sensitive Skin. So I continue to try products hoping that they will produce the desired results (clear skin) without my skin reacting and becoming dry, red or itchy.

A new skincare line from Japan, used by dermatologists, has recently been launched in the US. I have actually spent quite a bit of time perusing their website as it is full of great information for those of us with adult acne, fine lines or reactions to household cleaners. Their product leverages NanoMoisture to deliver moisture deep into the skin to protect and heal from the inside out.

The prices are reasonable, equal to what you would pay for a big “name” and less than you would pay at the dermatologist. And right now you can get free shipping on orders of $100 or more or on any set.

If you have Sensitive Skin like me it’s worth a look.


Jill 6:49 PM  

Cool- I'll check it out. I had more acne after college than I did in high school + college combined. I think it finally went away for good around age 34 or 35. I took ampicillan (antibiotic) for years and that caused issues for me later. Now my skin in kind of on the dry/dehydrated side. I thought for sure my skin would be terrible when I was pregnant but it was exactly the opposite and so was my hair. Made the 50 pounds I gained not QUITE as unbearable...ha!

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