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"Cuz I'm A Woman....

>> Saturday, June 02, 2007

“I can bring home the bacon…. Fry it up in a pan… And never let you forget you’re a man…”

C’mon, I know a lot of you remember the commercial with that saucy little number. I think it was a perfume but it was so long ago that my memory may be incorrect. It must have been the late 70’s or early 80’s. Just about the time women were flooding the workforce and the “do it all” mentality was really kicking in.

So it’s no wonder that women my age (no, I won’t say my age but if you remember that little ditty you are right about my age so I don’t need to tell you) have such a difficult time deciding if they should stay home or work. We were told from such a young age that we could do it all, have it all.

Doug and I, together, made the decision that I would stay home with our children. It is what we feel is most important and we are blessed in the fact that Doug makes a good living and we can afford this luxury. However, I sometimes feel like I am not contributing. Especially when I want something frivolous… Like new shoes or an expensive scrapbooking tool.

When I saw that I could make money writing blog reviews I was a little skeptical. So I sat back and watched a couple of my friends do it. “I can do that”, I thought. Then Meritt said that she was able to make a car payment with the money she had earned. “Sold!”

I’ve been writing blog reviews for almost a month and have found it to be a great way to make an extra couple hundred dollars a month. I get to choose what to write about and I don't feel like my sponsored posts are far off the topics I usually blog about. I’m letting my earnings add up to put toward our trip to Ireland next spring. I may be able to pay for the trip with my earnings. Now that’s what I call contributing…


Blog Author 8:22 AM  

I have to stop reading your blog because you get much better ops than I do... and I've not made $5 this whole WEEK and I'm ready to cry.

Jodi 10:28 AM  

I do it for the same reasons. Merritt is who got me caught too. Too bad they don't pay her for referrals. :)

vw bug 11:00 AM  

I was wondering how it worked. Wonder if I would be able to make money or not?

Heidicrafts 1:11 PM  

The perfume was Enjoli.

Fantastagirl 7:31 PM  

Meritt made enough to make a car payment? I've got to get started on doing this....

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