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Home Away From Home

>> Friday, June 01, 2007

Doug and I are planning to get away. But instead of checking in to a hotel we plan to rent a house. I’ve been searching VLBO vacation rentals to find just the perfect spot for our vacation.

We have tossed around the idea of taking the girls to South Dakota. This cabin in the Black Hills is just gorgeous. I can imagine waking up there and seeing deer outside the windows. Or hearing coyotes howling at night.

We’ve also talked about doing Disney at Christmas time. There are lots of great locations in Orlando.

It would be like a home away from home. No noisy guests in the next room, a kitchen to make meals, more than one bathroom. Because, honestly, this family of 4 just cannot comfortably stay in a single room for one night- let alone a week.

And I’ll have to be sure to share this site with my sister-in-law so she can plan her anniversary getaway. She wants to go to Hawaii and the Kauai vacation rentals look beautiful.


ghuff 8:56 PM  

The South Dakota one sounds great. You would definitely need a baby-sitter for that one, wouldn't you? GHuff

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