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>> Sunday, July 08, 2007

There's a new place to turn to on the web to find what you are looking for. Like2Find is a website where you can advertise anything. Well, maybe not anything, but you get my point.

This is actually really nice for people like me as it's free, there are no high or low bid limits (you don't even have to accept any bids that you don't approve), you can negotiate with bidders and you can completely delete the ad whenever you wish. Much more freedom than some other sites out there.

Like2Find also lists businesses, jobs and people. Pretty much anything you could want to find, all in one convenient spot. I am so going to list my blogs in the About Me section.

Press Release:

Like2Find.com is a website where you can advertise anything. Top level categories include a Business Directory, Events, Stuff for Rent, Stuff for Sale, Items Wanted, Jobs, People and then theres Everything Else. There is a small charge to list your Business in the Business Directory but everything else is free and there is no limit as to how many free Ads you can place.

Whatever you are interested in, there is certainly a category to advertise in. Personally, I like the category under People called About Me where you can promote anything about yourself (including your Blog). For example, if you have traveled the World and want to list all your different travel destinations, you can do this on Like2Find by placing a separate listing for each destination. This would allow you to place yourself on a map at each of the different locations, provide an image gallery for each location and a description of your stay.

For the more business orientated you could list your whole product line for free so it really is a very powerful tool for businesses as well. And these are just a couple of examples, it's up to you what you want to use Like2Find for.

You get your own mySpace type address for all your listings in the form like2find.com/yourusername so you can email this link to family, friends or customers so that when they click the link they see only your listings.

LikeFind uses virtual earth which has great 3D mapping and bird's eye views. So whether you are interested in selling stuff, listing events, promoting a business, promoting yourself, or whatever and where ever, then its worth visiting Like2Find.com.


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