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How Many Servings Do You Get?

>> Thursday, July 19, 2007

The US Department of Agriculture recommends five to nine servings of daily vegetables to keep you healthy.

Five to nine.

How many do you get? I'm lucky if I get two; maybe three if I drink a V8.

I honestly can't tell you why I am so bad at eating my veggies. It may have something to do with mushy canned peas in grade school... But I digress. I'm quite vigilant about what the girls eat. They have fruits and veggies with every meal. Of course my meals have a tendency to wait until I am so famished that I just grab what is easiest; and although not unhealthy (as I don't keep junk in the house) I know I am missing key nutrients.

Because of this I am pretty interested in My Daily Veggies Free Sample.

It has half the calories and none of the sodium of V8 when mixed with water. Ta-Da! Instant snack or light lunch.

Or you can mix it in to your favorite foods. Tune up a boring burger, add some zing to your rice, heck, toss it in pizza or pasta sauce- you won't even know it's there.

I think I could use this as an alternative vegetable supplement pretty easily. And with My Daily Veggies Free Sample I really have nothing to lose.

Drink your veggies.


ghuff 8:36 PM  

I really think it is easier to get that many servings than most people think. I know when we have green beans we eat at least 2 servings at a setting. A normal size banana is 2 servings, etc. The serving size is amall to my way of thinking

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