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Bitching - You Might Want to Skip This

>> Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I hate my cat and if I see her sitting on my laptop one more time I may just throw her through a window.

Caelan has been fussy most of the day.

So has Brenna.

Except when their favorite babysitter was here... Then they were good.

I've gotten about 5 hours of sleep in the last two nights.

I need to visit my chiropractor something fierce.

My head is splitting.

I need to make 12 pairs of dolly panties before Saturday's "potty party". (More on that later)

I can't type.

I haven't even gotten to begin the new Harry Potter book.


Heidi @ Trendy Dollar 11:29 PM  

We're all in the same boat. We're moms for crying out loud! Some days I wonder what I signed up for...

lila 5:39 AM  

Funny you should mention your cat--while I was reading your post--mine left two scratches down my leg thanks to my 8 poind "attack" dog!

I hate cats! ok--so I dont hate them--I hate cat hair--smell--litter boxes etc....
Cats jump up on counter tops and computers!

But Moses was my moms cat--so I am stuck with him. Its only now that he is finally ajusting--for the past 3 months he would not leave my moms room and pillow--except when he went outside.

Marie 7:38 AM  

You read the book!

FYI -- I just cut up a receiving blanket I got at the dollar store. A bunch of little squares. We taped them on when dolly needed clean panties. Worked fine.


Hope you have a better day.... Go ahead & throw the cat. They bounce, don't they?

Jill 8:12 PM  

The only thing I have over on you is I still have my typing ability. Other than that, I'm right there with 'ya. Chiro scheduled for 9:50 Sat. morning!

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