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Manic Monday

>> Monday, July 16, 2007

Today will be crazy busy as we found out yesterday that my MIL made a last minute trip to Iowa. She arrived at her mother's yesterday evening. We found out when Doug's nephew called us from there to wonder when we could get him (they will be here for a week and GGma lives in a very small town, has no cable, internet or video games. It would be a very tedious week for a teen).

So we had no knowledge of this trip. And now I have Doug's mom, grandmother and nephew all coming to my house for the first time. Yes, we've lived here 18 months. We do the visiting, obviously. And we'll be hosting the nephew until Friday, probably. Or should I say that I will be hosting him... Doug will see him in the evenings.

And I had to cancel my "Mother's Helper" for tomorrow- which really sucks. I look forward to that.

So, those of you with teen boys- how much does it cost to feed these things? And what do I do with it? Will it sleep most of the day and then use the internet and watch movies in the basement?


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