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>> Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I haven't been able to do much lately with everything that is going on... But these two got finished in the last couple of days.

I really like this one. I wanted to bring some classic charm to the photo. I think I was able to achieve it with the background paper, the brads and the metal charm. You can't tell, but the brown background is a faux suede.

And this is a Wishblade creation for Caelan's baby book. The first food she fed herself was mac & cheese.
Really not much going on. Lots of time spent by the potty. House is in desperate need of cleaning. Almost done with the final Harry Potter book. Dull....


Jill 10:25 PM  

Love your scrapbooking! You're so talented...

And, I've been so impressed with the Potty posts. I haven't reached that stage yet, but I'll be thinking of you when I do!

lila 7:20 AM  

Great stuff Jodi :)
You have inspired me to take some photos of the recent projects me and the kids have done. I will try to post them at bits&pieces.

It is also how I am going to use the scrpbribe that I won :)

lila 7:57 AM  

Jodi--i posted the pics at Bits&pieces.

Go take a look--not the best pics in the world and it doesnt pic up everything but you will get the idea.
The girls are excited to make a USA box with our winnings :)

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