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Yet Another Attempt at Contact

>> Tuesday, July 17, 2007

So, I am again attempting to contact Kum & Go about their lack of customer service.

Here is the email:

I have contacted your company twice, once after receiving the initial phony
“winner” email (I was the second person to call about it and was assured that I would receive a phone call in response) and once after the “you are not a winner” notification.

And now I am contacting you again because I have yet to receive any response from your company. While I am sure you are being deluged with calls and emails I feel that you have really let down a very loyal customer by not responding to either of attempts to contact your corporation.

There are so many convenience store choices available. There are, in fact, two that are closer to my home. I consciously chose Kum & Go and made all of my gasoline purchases there. By not responding to my missives you have shown me that customer service is not as high on your priority list as your commercials would have me believe.

Jody H(last name removed)

Hey, there is a comment from Kum & Go on my first post...

Jody -
We would like the opportunity to explain. Please provide an email or phone number where we can reach you, or feel free to email us at communications@kumandgo.com.

Thank you,
Kum & Go

Hmmm... I've called, sent one email and just sent this one. Did they lose the first two bits of information? I guess we'll see....


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