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I Still Haven't Won... Or Gotten a Phone Call

>> Monday, July 16, 2007

So, still no response from Jerk & Squirt. (I couldn't resist)

I am still waiting to hear something- anything- from Kum & Go to make me think that they really care about having me as a customer. So far I guess they don't. Which is fine, I guess. There are other gas stations I can use.

But now I'm really getting annoyed. Honestly, is it too much to ask? Customer service, people. C'mon.

I've gotten responses on my winning/losing sweepstakes post from a couple of people who got the same email. I'm beginning to think I should contact the Attorney General here in Iowa like Anon did.

BTW- has anyone seen anything on this other than my posts? I keep Googling it but am not finding any other info. Anon- where did you get the info you spoke about?

Let's do some math:
If that information is correct 8,000 people got the same emails I did. (But not everyone who entered. What set those 8,000 apart from the others?)
That's 8,000 annoyed people.
That's 8,000 people who may never use your product again.
That's 8,000 people telling at least 10 people (or in my case about 650 since Friday) about their bad experience.
That's a number (approximately 80,640) that could hit your corporate pocket book pretty darn hard. Even if you are a part of "big oil". Or, since this is all about "Fuel (ing) Good", "big corn".

For a store that touts it's customer service in commercials, Kum & Go's corporate HQ certainly doesn't live up to the standards it expects from it's convenience store employees.

That's bad business, Kum & Go.


Anonymous 8:01 AM  

Here is the apology email I got from them. I had sent them an email on their feedback site.

Ms. Eck

We really appreciate you contacting Kum & Go regarding the Fuel Good Sweepstakes prize notification error you received. We sincerely apologize for the confusion and frustration this must have caused you. We are working hard to answer concerns, and did our best to immediately contact people affected by this issue through a follow-up e-mail sent within hours of the initial incorrect notification. Despite that, we understand your frustration and would certainly feel that way too.

Please know that the actual prize winners for June had already been selected and that all prizes have been awarded as promised. The e-mail you received was generated unintentionally and should not have gone out to anyone that was not drawn as an official winner. The official rules of the sweepstakes do allow for situations such as this, and we are managing all aspects of the program in accordance with those rules. A full list of prize winners and a copy of the official rules is available at www.fuelgoodsweepstakes.com.

Though your entry was not selected in our June drawing, you are still eligible to win in the July and August drawings, and you can continue to enter the Sweepstakes as many times as you would like through August 31, 2007.

We take customer service very seriously at Kum & Go and are upset that we have disappointed you. We promise to do our best to earn your trust back if you give us the opportunity.


Sarah Battani

Unknown 8:26 AM  

Hmmmmmmmm...I dunno...there's something fishy...

Jody 10:21 AM  

So much for taking their customer service seriously. I haven't heard anything after a call to corporate and an email on their feedback site.

Anonymous 6:56 AM  

I got the 8,000 from someone inside the company. Actually the number was 8,750.

The company just doesn't get it. And most people these days rollover and accept whatever a corporation tells them. They don't realize that they have the power to do something about it. Like complaining to their State Attorney General's Office and contacting the local media to let them know know what is going on.

Kum & Go, by their very actions, has shown that they are just another dishonest company!

People should boycot them, but Kum & Go knows that most people just don't want to bother and are willing to accept whatever the corporation is willing to force on them.

Anonymous 4:44 PM  
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Anonymous 1:35 PM  

I just happened to come upon your blog and read about your issue with the Kum N Go problem. I am very good friends with the woman who sent you the e-mail that attempted to explain the issue and I am very sad to learn that you are so incredibly perfect that you can't offer a bit of understanding that mistakes do happen. This was something that shouldn't have happned, but it did. And I wish you had a little compassion for the woman who is my friend who found herself at the center of this, although it isn't completely her responsibility. I'm just so glad to know that there are such incredibly perfect people like you out there how just don't make mistakes. We're lucky to have you in this world. So take your gas station business elsewhere and let them enjoy your talents.

Doug H 2:21 PM  

Dear Anonymous:

If you care enough to reply, you might also care enough to read the post itself...

"I am still waiting to hear something- anything- from Kum & Go..." and "For a store that touts it's customer service in commercials, Kum & Go's corporate HQ certainly doesn't live up to the standards it expects from it's convenience store employees."

At the related link, http://www.iowageekonline.com/2007/07/you-won-no-wait-you-didnt.html, a Kum and Go rep wanted to explain, but didn't offer anything else.

Where in there does it say anything about the person who handled the phone call? Jody did say "Of course everyone was out to lunch and I ended up speaking with a lovely receptionist. She was very nice." That sounds very harse to me. /sarcasm/

The only comment that was a personal attack (from an another anon) was removed several days before your post. So, what exactly is your problem again?

Jody 2:21 PM  

Well, Anon, I am so glad that you can be so ballsy as to say all those things AND then hide who you are. I never said that I was perfect and, if you had bothered reading further you would see that I did get this situation resolved. And the above email was NOT sent to me. Please get all of your facts straight before jumping all over someone. I have decided, however, to forward your ever so sweet response to your "friend" just so she can see what kind of friends she has.

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