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Garden Dreaming

>> Monday, July 16, 2007

I know that I have mentioned many times how much I like to shop online. No driving, no hauling the girls around, no crowds, no lines… It’s perfect.

What’s not so perfect is my yard. It’s dull. Boring. Uninspiring. And undecorated. But check this out: Online Discount Mart.

Home and garden décor. Right now they are offering a 10% discount to all online shoppers through the end of summer. And you don’t have to spend a certain amount to get the discount. No minimum order. What a great deal!

Look at this cute Tavern Toadhouse. The girls would be fascinated if we had a toad in our garden.

And Brenna loves feeding the birds at grandma's house so we should probably get a few birdfeeders.

With my adoration of mythical creatures you can bet I have been on the lookout for the perfect garden gnome. And I think I found him- just look at this cutie!

What are your home and garden needing? Get over to Online Discount Mart . Remember: 10% off all online orders through the end of summer!


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