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Customer Service

>> Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This should be my final Kum & Go post. After I sent the email in this post I noticed that Kum & Go had commented on my first post.

Shortly after sending the email I received this:

Ms. (last name removed),

Thank you for contacting us regarding this issue. We certainly understand your frustration and sincerely apologize for this error. We are focused on answering concerns as quickly as possible to relieve any confusion and disappointment this may have caused.

Customer service is always one of Kum & Go’s top priorities. We understand this is a difficult situation and are doing our best to communicate with our customers. Please know that the actual winners in the Fuel Good Sweepstakes for June had already been selected and prizes were awarded as promised. As unfortunate as it may be, the sweepstake’s official rules do allow for situations as this, and we are managing all aspects of the program in accordance with those rules.

Again, we apologize for this mistake. We would like the opportunity to serve you again, and certainly welcome any future feedback from you as a customer.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions or concerns regarding this issue.


Courtney Lansink

Public Relations Manager

Kum & Go, LC

To be quite honest I wasn't impressed by this response. I felt "brushed off", like the response was only because I had been hounding them.

I hadn't really decided what, if anything, I was going to do as my MIL, GrandMIL, Doug's nephew and his aunt were all due to arrive at any time. And, honestly, that was a much more pressing (and stressful) situation for me at that moment.

Forward to 2:30pm. The extended family is leaving to go visit someone else (the nephew went with them and will be spending the night with a cousin) and the home phone rings. Now, noone who knows us calls the home phone so neither Doug nor I made a move to answer it. The machine picked up and over the speaker I can hear that it is the PR manager from Kum & Go just wanting to make sure that I had received the email. I pick up.

We had a 15 minute conversation. I was able to air my grievances with their handling of the situation. Which, in all honesty, is all I wanted to do.

Mistakes were made and the entire situation was not handled correctly. And I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the company at this time. Will I do business with them again? Probably. Will I be as loyal of a customer as I once was? Probably not. They will have to earn my business again.


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