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Potty Party Update...Did It Work?

>> Saturday, July 28, 2007

Last night was spent preparing for the big day. Brenna and I were to be ensconced in the master bedroom/bathroom while Doug & Caelan had the rest of the house. The rooms were prepared for a princess and held games,movies, books, fun things to do while on the potty...

I even made a sign for the door:

First thing this morning Brenna got to open her big surprise:
She really enjoyed playing Mommy to "Dolly". Yes, it's an original name. My daughter can pretend to cook and her imaginary friends accompany us everywhere (lately it's Shreck,Princess Fiona & Donkey) but she can't give a doll name. Go figure.
We dressed up like princesses, played in the castle, had tea, read potty books and watched potty movies all morning.
And while Brenna was teaching Dolly how to use the potty she got in some fishing...
And bubble blowing... and she got a manicure and pedicure... Anything to keep her on the potty.

But the main point of the morning was for Brenna to teach Dolly to use the potty. Which she did. And did very well. By the end of the morning Dolly was using the potty like a pro.

(Tootsie Rolls with a bit of water really look like poo, huh?)

We had a celebration with mini cupcakes for lunch as a celebration for Dolly.

Then came quiet time. At which time Brenna, who had ingested 3 bottles of juice and some water and had sat on the potty numerous times, was put into a Pull Up- which she immediately wet.

No problem, we hadn't really started her training yet.

We began her training after naps. And I'll say this:
She knows when she needs to go and she will tell us "it hurts".
She knows where she is supposed to go.
She won't dirty her "big girl" panties.
But she will hold it in for hours- until she bursts or is put into a Pull Up (bed time and naps only).

So, did it work? I suppose the real test will be the next day or two. I think that if we don't fall back into putting her in Pull Ups during the day she will be completely trained by mid week. If we keep working with her and she keeps working with Dolly (who she loves and is sleeping with her tonight) I think we can count this as a success.

If nothing else it was a great bonding day for Brenna & I and for Daddy & Caelan.


Brent 3:27 PM  

I'm so glad those days are behind me. Good luck, however. It's so nice when they finally get it!

Amy Poindexter 5:27 PM  

I used to help out friends in need whose children were proving to be difficult to potty train. Everybody used to call it "Kris Wood's Potty-Training Boot Camp" ... hehe You probably won't need to resort to an objective outsider, however, because it sounds like you're using the same method I always used. :)

Marie 6:00 AM  

HOORAY for Jody and Brenna!!!

and for poopy on the potty (I see yesterday's post)... I hope it continues to go well!!!

Marie 6:01 AM  

ps - so cute how she's bonded with Dolly! Our doll is a favorite here now too.

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