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An Easy Call To Make

>> Friday, July 27, 2007

According to my travel blog I have just over 8 months until we go to Ireland. I have been looking over possible itineraries, places to visit, and sites I would really like to see. I have also been pouring over my books of Irish bed and breakfasts so I can pick just the right places for us to stay. Because we are traveling with two small children and my mother we will need bed and breakfasts that can supply a cot (that’s a Pack & Play to us in the US), at least one room with two beds and, preferably, ensuite bathrooms.

Picking the right bed and breakfast is so important. And I did very well the last time we were in Ireland. Except for the final bed and breakfast. And, funnily enough, that is the only bed and breakfast that I didn’t actually call. So,in addition to emails, I plan to call on the places we want to stay.

To do that I use a phone card for cheap international calls I've found the Pingo phonecard provides great service and value. Their RateWatcher monitors savings and makes sure you get the best rate. And with their web based management system you can monitor your useage and make sure your profile is correct for that useage.

And because Pingo is a global phone card I will be able to use it to make calls from Ireland.

If your plans take you overseas or you just need a long distance calling card check out Pingo. If you sign up now you'll get $5 in free calls.


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